Monday, 15 August 2016

How to check blood sugar in seconds step by step

1.Glucometer   take a glucometer with strips,preaker and spirit swab

2.Add strip to glucometer

3.Take a preaker and put a needle in it

4.wash patients hand carefully with shop

5.spirit swab    clean the finger with it....

6.Take a blood drop from your finger with the help of preaker. Clean the first blood drop with the help of spirit swab. take another blood drop and put it in the strip, and wait for the reading.
Normal range=70-110(fasting or without eating any food)
Normal range=70-150 (after eating food or random)

8.put waste in the dustbin.

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Saturday, 13 August 2016

How to test blood group

There are lots of blood group . lets discuss how to check it.

First of all i am gonna tell you what reagents you required..

  • Blood Sample

  • 3 slides

  • Blood group kit

  • Dropper

  • Mixer        

so lets discuss the procedure.....

1.first take the blood sample
2.put 1 drop of blood on each slide add each drop of reagent Anti-A,Anti-B,Anti-D
4. mix blood sample with reagent
5.check result
6. Anti-A and Anti-D disperse blood group is A+
7.Anti-b and Anti-D disperse blood group is B+
8. Anti-D disperse blood group is O+
9.Anti-A,Anti-b and Anti-D disperse blood group is AB+ check other blood group reverse it.

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